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I started writing in the late ‘80s when I was attending graduate classes at Bridgewater State College. I wanted to become certified to teach high school English and one of the required courses was Writing and the Teaching of Writing. My professor suggested that one of the papers I wrote for that course was good enough to be published and I sent it off to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine’s Department of First Stories. I got $100 for the story and I’ve been writing ever since. The teaching, however, didn’t work out.

My books draw heavily on my experience as a mother of three and my work as a reporter for various weekly newspapers on Cape Cod. My heroine, Lucy Stone, is a reporter in the fictional town of Tinker’s Cove, Maine, where she lives in an old farmhouse (quite similar to mine on Cape Cod!) with her restoration carpenter husband Bill and four children. As the series has progressed the kids have grown older, roughly paralleling my own family. We seem to have reached a point beyond which Lucy cannot age–my editor seems to want her to remain forty-something forever, though I have to admit I personally am dying to write “Menopause is Murder!”

I usually write one Lucy Stone mystery every year and as you can tell, my editor likes me to feature the holidays in my books. Of course Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and my newest mystery (released September 2013)is called  “Christmas Carol Murder”. I have always loved the Alistair Sims movie version of Charles Dickens’ “A  Christmas Carol”, so I was excited to be able to have Lucy encounter some modern day versions of Dickens’ classic characters. In addition to the recent holiday mysteries I have written such as “Chocolate Covered Murder” (Valentine’s Day) and “Easter Bunny Murder”, I have written an armchair travelogue mystery in which Lucy and her friends  travel to London, “English Tea Murder”. Since I love to travel, I was fortunate to convince my editor that Lucy absolutely had to go to Paris, and “French Pastry Murder” is in the works. ”

My books are classified as “cozies” but a good friend insists they are really “comedies of manners” and I do enjoy expressing my view of contemporary American life.
Now that the kids are grown — I now have four grandchildren — my husband and I are enjoying our empty nest on Cape Cod which we share with our new kitty, Sylvester.

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51 comments to “About the Author”

  1. Comment by Linda Wilson:

    Just read “Gingerbread Cookies and Gunshots” such a good story. Think this is the first book of yours I have read, I am getting the others now. I loved the boy Nemo, so glad he was ok. If you have a newsletter and or will e mail when your books come out I would love to be put on it.
    Linda Wilson

  2. Comment by rslitman:

    Although I will want to catch up with your other books first, I look forward to “English Tea Murder”. I love books that feature Americans traveling to foreign countries, even though I rarely get the chance to do so myself! There’s so much to see here in the U.S. But one reason why I love the Lucy Stone books so much is that Maine is one of my favorite states to visit.

  3. Comment by Chris @ RJ:

    Hi Ms. Meier,

    I am a reviewer at RomanceJunkies.com (RJ) and recently received the GINGERBREAD COOKIE MURDER for review. When I am finished reading and writing the review, I usually email the author(s) with a copy of the review, the review link on the RJ site, and a review graphic (to post on your website, if desired). Could you provide me with an email to send the review when I’m done?

    All the best,
    Chris @ RJ

  4. Comment by Yvonne Hensley:

    Dear Ms. Meier,
    I love your Lucy Stone novels. I always tell people I want to BE Lucy Stone! Living in an old farmhouse in a small coastal Maine town with a great husband and kids, what could be more perfect?!! I’ve been reading (and re-reading) your books for years and always anxiously await the next one.
    Take care and thank you so much for sharing your stories with us!
    Sincerely, Yvonne Hensley

  5. Comment by Bob Sanchez:

    Hi Leslie,
    We haven’t been in touch for years, since before my wife and I moved to New Mexico. Your email address used to be in my address book, and then my occasional messages started bouncing–nothing important, just hoping to stay in touch.

    We’ve both retired and opted for cheaper, sunnier, drier. I’m still writing, and I’m co-editing the Internet Review of Books.

    It’s good to see that Lucy is still tackling malefactors in Tinker’s Cove!

    Bob Sanchez

  6. Comment by Deborah Hollis:

    I just read and enjoyed your short gingerbread mystery and was wanting to make the chocolate souffle cake. However, what size springform pan? It doesn’t say and does make a big difference. Thanks!! Deborah

  7. Comment by Kerrie Bash:

    I want to sincerely thank you for writing the Lucy Stone mysteries, they are the books that made me discover my love of reading. My mother use to read them to me as bedtime stories when I was in elementary school. I now read numerous cozy mysteries, but Lucy Stone’s will always be my favorite!

  8. Comment by Eliana Maria de Mesquita:

    I have just finished reading ” Christmas Cookie Murder ” which I loved ! It is the first book of yours that I read . But I’m already a huge fan ! I’ll read all the others . I’ve already checked with a bookstore here and I can order the books at no extra charge . I’ll do that right after Christmas . I loved the book so much ! I love reading , but it’s been sometime since I fell in love with an author like this time . From now on Lucy is my favorite .

  9. Comment by Vickie:

    I just finished reading Wicked Witch Murder, which I loved, (I love all the Lucy Stone books)but I was a little confused toward the end. At the Halloween Party the little boy Nemo is there and Lucy acts as if she does not know who he is and I know he was mentioned in one of your other books, his dad gets murdered. Am I imagining this? Keep up the good books, I can’t wait for the next one.

  10. Comment by Nancy:

    Just reading Wicked Witch Murder-so glad you have kept the Wiccan info so accurate incl casting of circles, etc SO important to those of us in the craft.

  11. Comment by Ronda Perry:

    I just read my first Lucy Stone book. The Trick or Treat Murder. I love murder mysteries. I can usually figure out who done it by the fourth or fifth chapter of a book. This was not the case with this book it took until almost the last chapter to figure out the culprit. I was very very please with the book and can not wait to read more. Thank you for the great book.

  12. Comment by melinda mcdonald:

    Why haven’t you made a book on Easter or Spring??

  13. Comment by melinda mcdonald:

    Why haven’t you made a book on Easter or Spring?? You are my favorite Author and I read them over and over. I love Lucy Stone.

  14. Comment by Larry Lenard:

    My mom has just started reading your books, but we seem to be jumping around the generations, which puts the stories a bit out of context. Can you let me know the reading order of the books?

  15. Comment by rslitman:

    Is there any special reason why “Star Spangled Murder” doesn’t have a page here? It’s certainly not the most recent book. Also, again, please consider my suggestion to feature somewhere here a list of the books in chronological order, not just (or instead of) alphabetical order.

    It appears that, while “New Year’s Eve Murder” was published before “Bake Sale Murder”, it actually takes place after it. In “Bake Sale Murder”, Elizabeth, Sara, and Zoe are just starting the school years they’re in the middle of in “New Year’s Eve Murder”. Or is everything going to “freeze in time” for future books, in which Zoe will always be 9, Sara will always be 14 and a high school freshman (or rising freshman in books set in the summer), and Elizabeth will always be 20 and a college junior (or rising junior in summer books) because the editor wants Lucy to remain at a certain age?

    I do know that a new youngster is added to the Stone clan in a book I haven’t read yet, and I wonder if he will always be an infant or whether he will age but his three young aunts will grow closer in age to him by remaining 9, 14, and 20! Well, I’ll have to read the books to find out! Keep them coming!

  16. Comment by Diane:

    I’ve been able to order 3 of your books for my Kindle (Valentine Murder, Father’s Day Murder and Wicked Witch Murder) but Amazon does not have the rest of the Lucy Stone series available for Kindle users.

    Will the rest be coming out for the Kindle? I sure hope so.

  17. Comment by Makiko O'Neill:

    My husband and I are living near Tokyo, Japan. We had big earthquake last week.
    I’m nurves during a day but I read your book before go to bed. It’s only relaxing time for me. My mind just move to Tinker’s Cove. I can gorget after shock and nuclear plant. Thank you for really good stories for readers.
    We used to live in Portland, ME. I can imagine all Tinker’s Cove.
    My husband and I are big fan of you. We are looking foward to read your new book.
    You stories give us really good time.

  18. Comment by VICKI:

    I work parttime at the library, and saw these books and read one, and I have read all of them we have and planning on finding the others we don’t to read. I love them, keep them coming.

  19. Comment by kjohnson:

    Can you please give me the order of your Lucy Stone Mystery books. I came across them at the library and want to read them in order.
    Please and thank you.

  20. Comment by Nicole Hendriks:

    Dear Leslie,

    I came across a short story of yours in the Candy Cane triplet and fell in love with the Stone Family and your writing! Was so pleased to find that my local library had several of your books. I am in the process of reading all of your books and wish they would go on forever. I have since bought them all as I wish to re-read them. I’m not entirely sure what the term ‘cozy’ means being an Aussie (a condenscending literary term perhaps???) but I think the plot and characters are so incredibly well thought out and written. The town and its people come alive for me and I thoroughly enjoy your work! Many thanks! Nicole :)

  21. Comment by Nicole Hendriks:

    Dear Leslie,

    I came across a short story of yours in the Candy Cane triplet and fell in love with the Stone Family and your writing! Was so pleased to find that my local library had several of your books. I am in the process of reading all of your books and wish they would go on forever. I have since bought them all as I wish to re-read them. I’m not entirely sure what the term ‘cozy’ means being an Aussie (a condescending literary term perhaps???) but I think the plot and characters are so incredibly well thought out and written. The town and its people come alive for me and I thoroughly enjoy your work! Many thanks! Nicole :)

  22. Comment by Kim Simpkins:

    Why can’t I find any of these books in audio format? I “read” my first Leslie Meier book last year, Gingerbread Cookie Murder, and I fell in love with Lucy Stone! I got Ginger Bread Cookie Murder on CD and now I’m looking for more Leslie Meier on CD and can’t find any!!!

  23. Comment by terry traz:

    There was a Yahoo real estate article this morning (4/21/2011) about Maine being one of the 5 states with the most robust economy….what, are they kidding???? What would Lucy Stone think about that?

  24. Comment by marcy:

    Ms. Meier,
    Am reading “Back to School Murder” and am interested in origin of the story of Prof. Wilfred Owen Herbert Hewson (142). Is there a factual basis to this story?

  25. Comment by Donna Himmelberger:

    Sorry to say that English Tea Murder will be my last Lucy Stone book. Imagine my surprise when on page 144 she classifies all registered Democrats as unpatriotic. There are 72 million registered Democrats in this country. Really? If I wanted to hear Democratic hate bashing, I’ll listen to Rush Limbaugh.

  26. Comment by Liz Martinez:

    I have been reading these books since I was in 8th grade 10 years ago. Since then I have been reading and re-reading them. I love Tinkers Cove and Lucy Stone. I love reading your books and they way I feel when reading them. I can’t exactly describe it but no other genre or series has been able to captivate me the way your books do. Please do not ever stop your writing.

    -From a big fan

  27. Comment by Anne king:

    Ms. Meier,
    I truly love your books and would love to meet you. Do you do any book signings in Phoenix?
    Anne K.

  28. Comment by Amy Denton:


    I just read Confessions of a Lifelong Compulsive Reader in the newest Mystery Scene and my first thought was ‘Holy Cow, we were separated at birth!’
    I too, am a Lifelong Compulsive Reader myself. In fact, one of the stories in my family how my mother managed to horrify my 8th Grade English teacher by telling the teacher that in order to get me to do my math, she took away my books. *g*
    Yes, I’m from a family of economists and engineers and math people. Me? I can’t subject 5 from 7 and get 2.
    I look forward to reading your books. I hadn’t discovered them yet.

  29. Comment by Becky Burr:

    Leslie, I’m reading “English Tea” and I’ve come to the part where Lucy is thinking about meeting her mother in heaven. She is wondering if she will see her mother before or after her Alzhimier’s.
    Everyone in heaven is whole and healed and in perfect health.
    There is no disease and sickness in heaven. She will see her mother
    As she was at the prime of life. I love your books and I am always anxious for the next one to come out. I am also reading Joanne Fluke
    And Sue Grafton. Mysteries are my passion and I need to have more than one favorite author because there is a long wait between books and I need something else to read while waiting for the next installment for each of you. Thank you so much for the enjoyment you bring each of us.

  30. Comment by Becky Burr:

    A Lucy Stone Mystery
    Order     Title Series     Type Date
    1 Mail-Order Murder / Mistletoe Murder AS Dec-1991
    2 Tippy-Toe Murder AS 1994
    3 Trick or Treat Murder AS Oct-1996
    4 Back to School Murder AS Oct-1997
    5 Valentine Murder AS Feb-1999
    6 Christmas Cookie Murder AS Nov-1999
    7 Turkey Day Murder AS Oct-2000
    8 Wedding Day Murder AS Nov-2001
    9 Birthday Party Murder AS Aug-2002
    10 Father’s Day Murder AS Jun-2003
    11 Star Spangled Murder AS Jun-2004
    12 New Year’s Eve Murder AS Nov-2005
    13 Bake Sale Murder AS Dec-2006
    14 “Candy Canes of Christmas Past”(ss) AS Oct-2007
    15 St. Patrick’s Day Murder AS Jan-2008
    16 Mother’s Day Murder AS Apr-2009
    17 Wicked Witch Murder AS Sep-2010
    18 “Gingerbread Cookies and Gunshots”(ss) AS Oct-2010
    19 English Tea Murder AS Jul-2011
    20 Chocolate Covered Murder AS Jan-2012

  31. Comment by Sally Rudy:

    Dear Leslie,

    We would love for you to participate in the ‘Festival of Mystery’ at the Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont,Pa!
    My cousin Kristi & I are great fsns of your Lucy Stone Mysteries!

  32. Comment by Alana Laundy:

    Greetings from the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, about as far from Tinkers Cove as one could be! Yet despite the disparity I curled up today on my day off work and read Chocolate Covered Murder, daydreaming of snow and log fires! I get all of your books from my local library as they don’t sell them in the shops in Australia (although I do own one – my Labrador Retreiver ate one from the Library and I had to buy it…it is still readable thank goodness). Thanks very much for Lucy Stone and her friends and family!

  33. Comment by Susie:

    Hi Leslie,
    This is a bit of a piggyback on Becky Burr’s comment above. I love your books from a storycrafting standpoint, and since you openly admit so much of it is autobiographical i have to assume the religious questions are too. If you are going to write so much about the Christian faith, like what Heaven will be like, or how a “good person” would act, could i request you spend a portion of the time you obviously spend researching other topics (like Wiccan apparently) on the Christian faith? Then perhaps you wouldn’t errantly ascribe Lucy to non-Christianity with belief in the Golden Rule, when that is in fact a direct quote from the best selling book of all time.
    Keep writing and researching!

  34. Comment by Allison Hutson:

    Just wanted to write & say that I LOVE your books!! Like Becky Burr, I love mysteries & have to have more than one fave author, so I too am reading Joanne Fluke along with Agatha Christie & Harlan Coben!! I first got started reading them when I was in my early teens, when someone gave me a Nancy Drew book & since then I have been hooked!! Just wanted to say that I love the Lucy Stone Mysteries!!

  35. Comment by Angela Nilles:

    Dear Leslie,

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your Lucy Stone mysteries! I am a Maine native, but I’ve been living in Colorado for the past 5 years. I hope to move back to the Northeast very soon! Your books transport me back to Maine and remind me of everything I love about it. Thank you so much for your wonderful books! I hope you write one per year for a long, long time!

    Thanks again,


  36. Comment by Linda Brewer:

    Usually I want to read a series in chronological order – but find I actually enjoy reading about Lucy Stone as I find the books…starting story and saying “Oh, Zoe’s just a baby in this one” is kind of fun. I did post a comment under the “Trick or Treat Murder.” Little editing errors jump out at me. My bad that I dwell on them – I really enjoy the series! Does Leslie Meier read any of these posts?

  37. Comment by shirley Lenzi:

    Dear Ms. Meiers;
    I have read all but 2 of your books, Lucy Stone mysteries and am a bit confused. I thought she grew up in NYC, but there are references that she was a teen in Tinkers Cove. Did I miss something?
    Thank You, keep writing.
    S.Lenzi, Portsmouth, R.I.

  38. Comment by Carol:

    I like to read series that have characters that grow and change, especially because of growing families, in order. But this series I also like to read timely to the season. I am about half way through “Turkey Day Murder” (out of sequence) and I just had to post how much I enjoyed the scene in the kitchen where Lucy drops the Turkey on the floor, and makes pork gravy with soy sauce. I have actually dropped a chicken on the floor (in front of company). I picked it up washed it off and served it, since they weren’t invited anyway and rudely just showed up at dinner time, and I held off dinner until the chicken was literally falling apart. I loved the challenge of extra surprise vegan guests too. My mother had that problem all the while my brother and sister were in college. Every holiday LOTS of total stranger kids would be brought home. Lucy’s life is so real, balancing home life, part time job, busy community activity participant, and then the sleuthing too. My sister with a touch of Gladys Kravitz.

    I just love how real life Lucy seems.

  39. Comment by Carol:

    For Becky Burr,

    Since Lucy Stone is a “favorite” and you have to wait so long between books, may I suggest you also try

    Jill Churchill, Valerie Wolzien, and Tamar Myers. They each write more than one series and each have one that is similar in style/content to a Lucy Stone character in a wholesome family environment. Laurien Berenson and Dorothy Cannell would probably please you also.

  40. Comment by nikki brooks:

    Hi leslie I just discovered your books last week and have read all but six that my local library doesn’t have. I’m currently finishing up chocolate covered murder. You and lucy stone are awesome.
    Your new fan nikki

  41. Comment by Nara:

    Hi there, Im reading Lucy Stone in order (e-books on Sony) Im on “Wedding Day Murder” and I read 2-3 Lucy books a year along with some other books. I love your books and I had a suggestion for your website. There are a few things that new readers of Lucy might find helpful as this is what I keep notes of. 1) A list of Lucy books in order, just like you have in your books. 2) A recurring character list (ie: Bill husband, kids names, Tilly retired liberian, Officer Barney…). I always review this list of mine before I read the next Lucy book, if its been a few months since Iv picked up on Lucy, I sometimes mix up the story with other books Im reading or confuse characters so I thought others might find it helpful too.

    Thanks again for your awesome books, they bring so much small town joy to those of us stuck in 85 degree winters here in LA.
    Keep Lucy going please :)

  42. Comment by Jwb52z:

    Ms. Meier

    I’m possibly going to start your “Lucy Stone” series this year and I am in need of your help. The Fantastic Fiction website lists your books in the order they were published and then a list of the bundles and bundles of short stories you’ve created with other authors. I’m not sure which bundles I need because several of them seem to overlap. Can you help me to get all your short stories without having several copies of the same things while not missing any? I don’t mind having one or two duplications if it’s the only way to not miss any of your work. Thank you.

  43. Comment by Debbie:

    I love the older books where the children were still all at home. That’s what makes them “cozy” I think. I’m hoping you will consider writing more Lucy mysteries that come from her past and also involves the holidays, such as “A Halloween revisited” or “The Ghost of Christmas Past.” I have read all your books and while I still enjoy them the cozy is gone from them.

  44. Comment by Marilyn:

    I love your books and would like to receive your newsletter.

  45. Comment by Rose:

    Ms. Meier: I am in the middle of reading the Easter Bunny murder and I need to correct you about an inaccuracy in your writing. You keep referring to Medicaid as the vehicle for providing medical care for the elderly. It it not Medicaid but Medicare that provides health care funds for the elderly. Medicaid is for those under 65-67, including children, who cannot afford to pay for health care without some form of help. It is income based. All elderly, regardless of income, are eligble for Medicare. I worked for the Head Start program for 14 years and the main cause of people on medicaid not getting healthcare is that they do not keep their medicaid card current. You have to apply every 6 months or so. Parents who made this a priority did not have a problem. Medicaid patients have access to the same doctors that everyone else uses, including specialists. It is a myth that those on Medicare or Medicaid get substandard care (you imply this in your book). Most doctors are ethical enough to treat the illness not the income.

  46. Comment by judy young:

    So glad I found your books at our local library. Working my way through the entire list of Lucy Stone Mysterys. Glad you write in a way that does not require me to read them in order. You give enough history and detail to pick up the series anywhere along the way.

    Just finished New Year’s Eve Murder and noticed you mentioned Cipro by name several times. I know you wrote this in 2006 but thought you would want to know the crippling and deadly effect this drug can have. I received this horrific stroy from one of my readers. Take warning. http://whatscookingwithjudy.typepad.com/my-blog/2013/04/antibiotics.html

    Keep writing such fun and engaging mysterys!

  47. Comment by D.L. Reid:

    Leslie, I hope you don’t take all the above criticisms to heart. I don’t understand why these people can’t just read a series and just enjoy it. They need to remember this is a work of fiction for reading pleasure. I really enjoy Lucy Stone Mysteries and always look forward to the newest one. She really tickles me sometimes and Tinkers Cove sounds delightful even the snow especially since we rarely get snow where I live. Thank you for my many hours of enjoyment.

  48. Comment by Deirg:

    Hi Mrs. Meier
    My first Lucy Stone book was Christmas Cookie Murder. I read it last year my friend gave me the book. I loved it. I went to the library this summer and got your wicked witch murder , Awesome Too! Now I’m hooked !
    Thank you

  49. Comment by Gerry Walker:

    Hi I just finished reading The English Tea mystery and for the first time I was very disappointed in one of your stories. I felt you vacillated between being ” an ugly American” who found English ways different and apologetic for American ways. Many sentences began with “why cant we do this in America….. Sorely disappointed

  50. Comment by Debbie:

    What book is number 15?

  51. Comment by Patti Sandberg-Lacy:

    What is the title of the book where Lucy Stone first move to Tinker’s Cove and have only their first child?

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